About US

Although I’m not comfortable talking about myself, my desires, my passions, my projects and what drives me to achieve them, I know it’s important that I do a little praise and that I explain especially what Animaniacs.

Charlene Desdoits animalswekVery passionate about animals since my childhood, it is with joy that I was able to live a happy childhood in the countryside surrounded by animals (dogs, cats, goats, sheep, rabbits, hamsters …). Very close to nature and animals, it has always been a real pleasure for me and my brothers to go to the rescue of wounded animals so that finally they came to us. This interest and especially this affection and admiration for the animal kingdom have never left me and pushed me to start studies in this area.

Then, in the course of time, I headed for more access to communication and internet jobs which led me to start my active life in Asia. Since 6 years I live in Asia, I travel from country to country and discover beautiful landscapes and cultures each year. This life allowed me to enrich myself but I have always felt a significant lack of animals.

Thus, once settled in Thailand, I decided to join an association ( PAC – Phangan Animal Care ) to rescue and care animals on the island of Koh Phangan. This experience taught me a lot of things (I attended and participated in several surgeries) and opened my eyes to many issues including animal suffering and abandonment.

That same year, I was encouraged to launch my own animal blog to finally talk about something that was close to my heart. animalswek was born in May 2018 and I did not think he would have so much weight in my heart today.



animalswek, what is it?

animalswek.com is an animal blog / magazine that deals with various subjects around animals. My experience with animals now allows me to give some wise and simple advice on animal health and welfare .

I bring to animalswek a few light items that can also be used to navigate the site by entertaining or learning simple things like the difference between a frog and a toad  .

But I also wanted to create animalswek to deal with more sensitive topics like animal abuse. Through some articles, I wish to denounce shameful practices such as abandonment,bullfighting or animal aquatic parks that have a direct impact on the living conditions and health of animals.

animalswek, a way to help associations

From the beginning, it seemed logical to me to create a blog that could also be useful and provide strong support to animal welfare associations . This is how I propose to associations to register for free on the site but also to  to offer animals for adoption gain additional visibility on the net.

Also, it seems normal to me to have to pay to the associations of my choice, the profits established by Animaniacs by means of advertisements or others. It’s a way, even light, to help those organizations that fight every day to enforce animal rights around the world.