A thief passes two cats to the airport in an unusual way


An inhabitant of Hong Kong has carried two Persian little cats stolen through security checks at Taiwan’s biggest airplane terminal by concealing them under her garments and professing to be pregnant, the nearby press gave an account of Tuesday.

Taiwan air terminal specialists have opened an examination concerning the likelihood for the suspect to cross the security zone without observing the unlawful exchange of crowds. The photographs taken by the air terminal cameras demonstrate that the lady, with a packed white, leave the seat she entered, and after that check the security checks to get to Hong Kong.


Zhang Qin Yi, a feline reproducer from New Taipei, said she saw the vanishing of two little felines, Angie and Lily, on February fifth. “It was the point at which I bolstered them and saw that felines were missing,” she said in her condo in another suburb of Taipei. He raised around 40 Persian felines, which can offer up to $ 3,300.

Her doubts promptly turned on a Hong Kong young lady who needed to purchase the two cats. Ms. Chang at long last wouldn’t offer her. “She went insane on hearing the news, she was crying and shouting on the telephone,” she said. The video observation pictures taken before Ms. Chang’s condo demonstrate the lady leaving the scene a feline under each arm before placing them in a white sack.

She told the Facebook groom that she had requested elucidation from the suspect and she, at last, conceded the burglary. The destiny of Angie and Lilly is obscure. Felines landing in Hong Kong without papers are naturally set in isolate or killing.

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